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Contemporary studies on the effects that stress has on the human body prove that stress is a very complex phenomenon.
Chronic emotional tension which affects people usually manifests in three different areas:



Locked mindset
Mental tension






Constant muscle pain
Chronic illness

Systems of Amograce


Determining type of individual emotional response to stress.
Identifying the mind sets that cause negative emotion.
Detecting the location of accumulated stress in the body.

Systems of Amograce


Designing an individual program for your emotional health recovery. This is based on our original methods of emotional cleansing, the proper transformation of negative emotions, and develop skills that aid in stress tolerance.

Systems of Amograce


Special courses, seminars, workshops, and master-classes supporting the development of Emotional intelligence.

Customer Service Technologies

Professional approach

The products of the Center AMOGRACE are based on original methods of diagnosing and restoring emotional health, developed by Israeli researchers in the field of enneatechnology and emotional intelligence.
Our methods are certified by the International Association of enneatechnology and registered in the library of the US Congress.


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Maksim Golovko



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“EXPERT Program”

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View the most common questions and answers

Why do I need this?

You will be able to enhance your tools, income, and new practices for self-development. In order to keep relevant in a highly competitive field, and be in trend you need to be different, develop, and give your customers something new.
In this case, they will begin to understand that you are a person who primarily invests in himself, cares about them, develops and never stands still. So your personality, as well as your services will be in demand.

What results will I achieve after the purchase and going through the “Anti-stress program”?

You will be full of power. Emotional tension will subside. Throughout the course you will master the tools for self-restoration of emotional health.

How do I know that stress is gone?

Stress is a human reaction to external events of varying intensity.
Stress resistance is the ability to quickly and effectively cope with your emotional reactions to external stimuli.
External stimuli will not go anywhere, but your reactions will be more positive after you build up your stress tolerance skill.
The speed of your success depends on your motivation.

How does diagnostics work?

Stage 1. Diagnostics begins with testing, which determines the level of stress tolerance and the form of manifestation of emotions - active or passive.
Stage 2. A manual diagnostic is performed, where the main stress blocks in the body, their intensity and depth are located with the help of massage.
Stage 3. On the basis of tests and massage therapy, coaching is conducted, where, on the basis of the collected data + interviewing, methods for restoring emotional health are determined.

Why do I need diagnostics?

A diagnosis identifies the main causes of emotional stress. Understanding mental attitudes and clichés that limit thinking.
A map of negative emotional habits reveals a tendency to display certain emotional reactions. Frequency, duration, and repetition of negative emotional experiences.
To learn the location of stress blocks in the body (the level of tension generated by stress).

What training did your therapists go through?

In addition to medical education and qualifications in classical types of massage, our specialists receive special emotional education. They learn to work with emotions through the physical impact on the body.
Therefore, already at the level of massage, a person receives deep emotional and physical relaxation.

How Amograce methodics are different from others?

Our system has a holistic approach. There are three stages of therapy working with the main systems such as IQ, EQ, VQ.
Our system changes the paradigm of the mind: for example, destructive attitudes become constructive ones.
EQ - behavioural detox, releasing repressed emotions, and VQ - using special techniques to remove psychosomatic stress blocks that lead to psychosomatic diseases.

Where can Amograce methodics?

AMOGRACE methodics are very effective in both group and individual therapies. If you work with clients in the coaching format, then AMOGRACE techniques will complement your work with practical tools (meditation practices, exercises, methods of accurately determining the causes of diseases, conflicts in family relationships, and emotional burnout).

Where can I get higher profile customers?

The problem of emotional burnout, as well as issues of strengthening emotional immunity, a healthy lifestyle are interesting for people who understand the value of their calmness, inner harmony and healthy emotional atmosphere in the family and work environment. Such clients are interested in the development of emotional intelligence and the strengthening of emotional immunity. And for them investing in themselves is the right investment.

Polina Logunova

This is not the first time I've been to the center. My doctor for the day was Valentina. She helped me with the emotional stress and also I attended “Anti-stress Massage”. I love massages, and I haven’t been treated better anywhere else. It was so good that my body fell asleep, as I did not try to breathe. I really needed to relax properly for a long time and it’s a pity that I didn’t go to the center earlier. Highly recommended.

Alina Valitova

Every time I go to the center Amograce, the first thing I do is ”Massage Anti-stress”. After it you feel as if you were reborn.

Svetlana Kuchugura

After consultation with the Amograce Center specialist I have attended a series of sessions including Catharic yoga and the Emotional Detox course. Purifying yoga is like emotional fitness. It turns out that there are so many hidden negative emotions inside that I didn’t realise were there (resentment, disappointment, misunderstanding between me and my relatives in the past), and it all can continue existing in you for years. A series of physical exercises really helped to remove unwanted emotions in just 1 hour. "Emotional detox” that helps to cleanse your mind from negative emotions was more intense and gave me results that were visible right away. I also was able to learn practice exercises to do on my own at home and I am getting a charge of cheerfulness and joy to achieve my goals. I discovered a new direction - emotional health. Now looking at myself overall I am pleasantly surprised, because I see a beautiful happy woman. My life, my happiness, and my success depend on me. Changes continue to occur after training until now! I thank the staff of “Amograce” for the benevolence, warmth and sincere desire to help!

Valeria Lazarenko

After the massage you feel a surge of strength and energy. It also helped me to get in touch with my body. Special thanks to the friendly staff for the incredible atmosphere; makes you want to experience it again and again!

Sveta Dubinskaya

What a pleasure to have a place where you are able to become yourself again, freeing yourself from all the pressure and unnecessary burdens! A big thank you from my heart goes out to the Amograce specialists for performing what seemed impossible, not only with ease, but with professionalism, and love! If you want to live with awareness and in harmony with yourself - I recommend the center!

Alla Tkachuk

I want to thank the real professionals and wonderful people who work in Amograce. Your services are so unique and, I would say, simply necessary for modern people. After completing the course and your massage something inside is being reborn and my whole life changed. If someone wants to start living a bright, vivid Life, you need to go here!

Yana Danylych

Professionals are great !!! Services are unique! After the emotional detox and massage life became more colourful! For me it is important that in communicating with loved ones I became less easily offended and started to smile more. Before that I had everything in life, but there was no happiness. Now, after visiting Amograce, there is happiness!!! I want more and I will recommend the center to friends. I recommend only the best.

Dmytro Turlo

For me, it was a revelation that a massage can let me relax so deeply. Yes, the body usually relaxes, but Amograce experts with the help of the Antistress Massage can help me literally to exhale not only physical but also mental and emotional tension. After their programs I always feel very clean and revived. Thank you.)

Irina Kirienko

After the first massage I felt like my body was weightless. I also felt a surge of energy. The body was feeling more alive as well as was the soul.

Marina Mazur

After going through the Emotional Detox program I realized that taking care of my emotional health was just as important as any other hygiene - you have to do it all the time. Just as we wash ourselves every day, we monitor the physical health of the body, hair, skin, nails, teeth and so on. Once again I was convinced that emotional purity is the most important thing to start with, because the rest of your physical health depends on it. And as a result the quality of life is changing. Now the skills I get at Amograce are already an integral part of me, a new way of life! I cannot remember or imagine my life without them. I deeply thank the specialists in the center, who always make you feel supported. They are understanding and have a sincere desire to help people! I have not seen such an atmosphere where you receive love and care anywhere else!

Denis Kamaldinov

After the Antistress massage I started getting to sleep faster, and having more strength and energy during the day, it became easier to interact with the team and customers at work - especially in conflict situations. Thanks to the Amograce Emotional Health Center therapists for the care, professionalism and atmosphere of the fairy tale)))

Olga Rutkovskaya

Before going through Antistress massage I experienced constant tormenting headaches and a backache. I underwent many different massages, but it was only after taking this course that I got a long-lasting result - I haven’t been thinking about headaches for half a year and even stopped buying painkillers. I highly recommend!

Tatyana Alperin

After a course of "Antistress" massages I began to feel much better. I have more strength, my mood improved, and I began to look better. Many thanks to the therapists and employees of the center for the attentive and sensitive attitude!

Tatyana Voronaya

I don’t go a week without "Antistress" massage. This is like a habit of washing hands for me. What does this give me? Relieves stress, improves health and gives me strength to keep moving. Thanks to the massage therapists, you are the best!

Alla Morozova

I go for Antistress Massage to Kiev from Cologne. Antistress Massage restarts my internal motor and I can easily and quickly perform a large amount of work. Thanks to the massage tension in the body goes away, I can deeply relax and feel cheerful and joyful.

Julia Chernetsky

It is remarkable that in our country there is a place where you can take care of yourself utilising their perfected techniques. After completing the Antistress course, I began to set goals for myself again, to dream and achieve them. I managed to start a creative and desirable business, and to find myself! The massages are excellent, they provide full relaxation, and they make you feel younger, by the way.

Aleksandr Holodko

After a series of Antistress massages my nervousness and irritability disappeared, tension in the body went away, and my emotional state improved.

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