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Amograce  is a network of elite centers of emotional health for modern successful people.

Our services are designed for healthy people, who have found themselves in a state of stress, emotional burnout and depression, feelings following the loss of contact or the severance of relationships with loved ones. We also offer comprehensive emotional recovery programs for people actively involved in business.

Our programs make it possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and psychosomatic diseases.

Amograce Centers provide
innovative services!

of emotional
face massage
“Face Anti-Stress”
Master classes
and trainings
in the field of EQ
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Our mission

We help people to develop emotional intelligence, revive their self-confidence after difficult stress situations and teach how to live without stress in today’s dynamic world.

Our methods make it possible to increase personal effectiveness and improve the quality of life.

Our values

  • Integrated individual approach to the client
  • Friendship, respect and care
  • Openness, honesty and trust
  • Result-oriented performance
  • Healthy lifestyle, healthy body, healthy emotions and healthy thinking
  • Continuous development and improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Social responsibility

Why us?

You will prevent


You will develop Emotional Intelligence –
the intelligence of success –
and become a real designer of emotions!


You will be happy!


You will prevent
emotional burnout and
stress resistance

Эмоциональный интеллект

You finally relax,
feel younger, more cheerful,
you will return a sincere smile
and the brilliance of the eyes!


You will get rid of depression,


Still have questions?
Get advice from our experts!


We are trusted!

Amograce Customer reviews

  • When we processed my offence at the training, I got deep understanding of inner me, I analyzed when I chose my way wrong and which of my actions led me to nowhere. During Emotional Detox training, I realized my true wishes and my true me, I became me again, exactly what I had when I was a kid.    
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Before the course: pain inside, lump in throat feeling, heaviness of heart, serious health problems, no wishes or desires, physical pain, impossibility to find the way out of situations at home and work.

    After the Antistress course: for the first time ever I feel harmony, calm and warmth. And, the most important, I believe that I can overcome ever problem I may face. There's no pain, anger, negative, I have new wishes, goals and tasks. I want to do something and to move forward to may development and perfection.

    Lyudmila P
    Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Before training: Overweight, neck pain, throat tightness, neurodermia (atopic eczema) on palms and fingers Bad sleep, unclear mind. After Emotional Detox training: 6 kg weight loss, no neck pain, throat tightness almost gone. Good sleep without any medicine. Completely different thoughts, light and pleasant, or no thoughts. Good appetite.
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • After Emotional Detox training, I feel energetic and powerful. I surprisingly noticed that my ear furuncle disappeared. Also, I felt the desire to reveal and boost potential hidden deep in me: painting, singing, dancing.
    Odessa, Ukraine

What they say about Amograce

Amograce Centers

  Tel Aviv

+972 52-736-66-06
Kiev Amograce

+38 (099) 000-1-333
Центр эмоционального здоровья Amograce Одесса

+38 (068) 123-82-82
Центр Amograce в Дюссельдорфе (Германия)

+491 763-161-56-10

Frequently asked questions

The Amograce franchise

If you share our social mission and want to open the Amograce Center in your city, read the terms how to become our Partner.

More about the franchise

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What is the purpose of the emotional health diagnostics?

Emotional health is a person’s ability to maintain emotional calm, balance in everyday and critical life situations.
Diagnosis of emotional health allows us to find out in a timely manner the propensity to psychosomatic diseases.

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